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The importance of agricultural limestone to agriculture

Excess soil acidity is one of the primary constraints to high crop yields and long term soil productivity. Given that soils within the Southeastern United States are naturally acidic, the use of aglime to neutralize these soil acids is a best management practice that has been utilized for generations. Proper use of aglime promotes the following benefits:

• Enhances crop yields and overall profitability of farmland
• Improves the uptake of expensive fertilizers
• Influences the availability of plant nutrients
• Reduces mineral toxicities in soils
• Supplies necessary calcium and magnesium

Product data

With total neutralizing value (or calcium carbonate equivalence – CCE) of over 100% and elemental magnesium of 12%, Bulk Aggregate Supply's Newfoundland Dolomitic Limestone is among the purest limestone available on the face of the earth. This means that growers can spread less and still receive the same neutralizing results as they would from other aglime sources. Combine this with the fact that our material has more elemental magnesium, superior handling characteristics and with stockpiles in Savannah, GA, Charleston, SC, and Wilmington, NC the choice becomes clear for farmers.

Newfoundland Dolomitic Limestone

Analysis Guaranteed Typical
Neutralizing Value (CCE) Not less than 100% 104%
Elemental Magnesium Not less than 12% 12%
Elemental Calcium Not less than 22% 22%
Passing #10 mesh screen Not less than 90% 94%
Passing #50 mesh screen Not less than 50% 53%
Passing #100 mesh screen Not less than 25% 32%
Moisture Not to exceed 8%  
Source: Waters Lab 12/8/2010


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